"If you desire external rewards, you must first commit to internal change."

Jason Lillie


Jason started his real estate career in June of 2004. With over 18 years experience as an agent, Jason understands the real estate industry from top to bottom.  In 2010 Jason began his coaching career with Keller Williams Realty.  Jason taught the Ignite program and eventually took the reins as the Team Leader for Keller Williams Realty in Billings, MT.  It was during this time Jason discovered his passion for helping agents achieve success.


During the following years Jason continued to coach agents but he felt like something was missing.  He had studied a majority of the coaching programs for real estate and he discovered something that made him uncomfortable.  


Most coaching programs simply don’t work.  They only scratch the surface of the complex concepts required to obtain personal fulfillment.  And to be honest, many of the things necessary to grow, really don’t have anything to do with real estate training.  


In 2019 Jason joined eXp Realty and began to develop his own coaching method based off of the core components of success—commitment, patience and understanding.  Jason developed the R.E.A.C.H sales system designed to convert leads to clients for life.  In addition to the R.E.A.C.H. sales system, Jason developed a method of helping people discover their true motivations that will propel them to the success and life style they strive for.  


Real Estate is many things and as a career it has many components that an agent must master to achieve success.  It can seem overwhelming.  But with Jasons unique take on personal and professional growth the path to success is clearly laid out before you.


“I was doing ok for a newbie my first 6 months in real estate only getting personal referrals. About Three months after getting coached by Jason my business went to a whole other level. I had my first month that I made $20,000. I took home $20,000 that month even after my splits with my brokerage and my team. Jason really walked me through every step of how to generate, call leads, and most importantly close the deals. Jason is very flexible on training on whatever is needed at the time. Motivation, investing, budgeting, logistics of the deal, even family life and well being.  I have been a very needy mentee. He never says that but I know that I am. I have made hundreds of phone calls to him and he has never left me hanging when I needed help. I am not the easiest person to mentor sometimes because of my ego mostly , to be honest ,but I am able to take Jason's constructive criticism due to the trust and relationship he created with me. My first full year of real estate being coashed by Jason I was able to close 4.1 Million in sales and over 20 deals with at least one sale in every category, commercial, multi-family. I know because of Jason's training I have built a totally solid foundation for my career and am 100% set up for a lifetime of success." 

Ariel Billings, MT

"Last year, I was 49 with no retirement savings. Thanks to Riley, I’m now financially on track."

- Bill Bayaud

"From buried in debt to living the life of my dreams, Thank you, Riley!"

- Susan Smith